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In the 1990s, every Haute Couture show of Christian Lacroix would end in a grand finale of a bride walking beneath a shower of carnations, and a standing ovation, forcing the couturier to come out and greet the audience several times… Featuring an interview with Christian Lacroix. Christian Lacroix founded his house in 1987. Passionate about theatre and art, but also of the South of France and notably his native town of Arles, the couturier leaves a mark on the 1990s for the beauty, richness and shimmering colours of his creations.

Every show was an important occasion to which the press would flock, and all of his haute couture collections would always finish in a grand finale of a glowing bride walking under a shower of carnations. These lucky flowers, that were always present, would be distributed onto every chair. These shows were the only that ended almost systematically with a standing ovation, forcing Christian Lacroix to come out and greet the guests several times.

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