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October 1999. Kenzo Takada decides to leave the house that he created by organising a spectacular show at the Zénith in Paris. Featuring interviews with Charlotte Rampling, Katoucha Curtiss, Esther Kamataki, Bernard Arnault, and Hélène Mercier-Arnault.In 1970, Kenzo Takada caused a sensation during his first Paris show in a jungle setting.

Thirty years later, at the end of 1999, he decided to leave the house that he created and which in 1993, was bought by the LVMH group, by holding a show-event at the Zénith. He INVITED all of his colleagues and close friends to come and model, all the while putting on a truly spectacular show. With live musicians, animals and dancers, and a journey across the world, he created a cheerful and joyous celebration and one magical moment.

Charlotte Rampling :
Enormous friendship, that’s what we feel the most, it was the joyful moment between people for a special occasion.

Katoucha Curtiss:
I know that, in the end, we cried. We were there dancing, having fun, but there were also tears, from knowing that Kenzo had decided to leave. We’re going to miss him. But what a marvelous gift he has given us today.

Esther Kamataki:
He’s given us an extremely rare gift. In my country we say ‘thank-you for saying thank-you,’ and that’s what he has just done for us.

Bernard Arnault:
I thought this evening was amazing. It’s an exceptional look-back on Kenzo’s talent.

Hélène Mercier-Arnault:
I found that absolutely incredible, and what especially strikes me is thinking that he has given so much imagination and creativity throughout his life to fashion, and how will he cope with retiring?

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