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Yet another rocker is coming to Charming.

The motorcycle jacket is converted into a luxury version at Bouchra Jarrar's couture collectionBouchra Jarrar revisits the classics of the ladies’ wardrobe and one element in particular, the motorcycle jacket, which comes back as a central thread, that the designer converts into a luxury and couture version with iridescent tweed or hanging leather. This jacket takes on the look of a dress or a sleeveless shirt, embroidered with feathers and accessorized with a zip or belted to give it a tailed effect.

Leather is silky and supple for an ultimate luxury. The hand-made work and the cut remain essential to the designer, with pieces sculpted over the body. The columned trousers made in fluid grey-green satin or powder pink gabardine both hug the silhouette. To this we add dresses hung in tawny muslin which seem to float gracefully around the body. In the cloister of Henry IV’s school, Bouchra Jarrar has proven once again his mastery of proportions through a desirable and urbain wardrobe.

Bouchra Jarrar:
I dont make an effort with couture, Im doing a couture exercise because its an extraordinary hand-made work. I am doing what makes me the most happy and what also helps me move forward in ready-to-wear ideas and collections. And it’s true that with the idea of leather I wanted it to be inherent on almost every model and to mix it with haute couture techniques. There is one whole process, a search for thread colourings, where we make the dips ourselves, with a craftsman, and we match it with a metal thread. It’s a work of light which I have actually incorporated with leather. It’s a way of reinforcing a piece of clothing’s expression, or in any case my expression.

This pleated dress is a very haute couture work, because it holds its own balance. If we count all of the layerings underneath, the circumference would be 50 metres. That’s why there is this movement and extreme lightness. It is all about these contrasts and oppositions that helped me to find a harmony, and then finally a dress.

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