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This can’t possibly be true, can it?! It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West didn’t have a great time during their honeymoon at Castle Oliver in Limerick, Ireland, and because of that, they’re skipping out on their $20,000 bill! A source revealed some really awful details about their stay, which apparently didn’t last too long.

Kimye left the castle for Ballyfin House in Co Laois instead because it was reportedly too big and had bad cell phone reception. They only stayed for dinner! The source went on to explain their debt, saying: “Everyone is shocked to say the least. The castle is out a fortune on their honeymoon. Everyone involved in making their honeymoon perfect at Castle Oliver has been completely burned. A member of staff based in the United States was fired for booking them into the venue. Yikes! We’d hate to think that someone got fired on top of all of this! We’re sure it will all get cleared up soon!

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