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At 29-years-old, Brazilian Barbara Casasola is the designer everybody is talking about after just 2 solo seasons! Keep your eye on this young, upcoming Brazilian...Having learned the fashion ropes at Roberto Cavalli, Lanvin, Sonia Rykiel and Chloé, twenty-nine year-old Brazilian Barbara Casasola is the designer everybody is talking about after just 2 solo seasons! Oscillating between minimalism and sensuality, she combines her idea of femininity with modernity. On passing through Paris, this London-based globe trotter does not overlook her origins, forever celebrating them. Speaking to us, she delivers her verdict on fashion and the Brazilian woman!

Interview: Barbara Casasola:

I was so truly inspired that I felt I needed to put all of that into something that was mine, it was something growing inside of my stomach: I just needed to focus on something that was truly genuine and I think that is how it happened.

When I did my first show in September, of course I was a little bit nervous and anxious but I was cool, I said ‘OK, this is my first one and I created an identity for myself and I am going to show that to people and see how that comes’ but when I had to do my second show in London then I got a bit nervous because then you understand that you will be doing that for the rest of your life.

I am just as ambitious as anybody else but of course I want things to be real and this is my life, it is all I do from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed and when I am sleeping because I will probably be having dreams about something related to work so I want to make sure that everything I do is honest because I don’t think I will be doing anything else for a long time.

What I do is very much related to Brazil and for me Brazil is a place of contrasts; colour is something that I bring from there. For me, my label is pared down and sensual at the same time so that is the main contrast and I think that defines my woman.

I think Brazilian style is defined by sensuality; I think that is something very important for women, that they are conscious of their bodies and they know how to express themselves and they can be very elegant and they know how to move and how to talk and how to charm people. It is about an attitude. Even my accent is very Brazilian so I am a hundred percent Brazilian with an Italian mother.

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